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Our first urban walks in Paris!

Dernière mise à jour : 20 déc. 2021

On December 10th and December 15th, Creative School's first urban walks were organized in Paris by our partner Dédale! 

Our Open Educational Resources (OER) have been used by pupils from the primary and secondary schools of the Macdonald Boulevard. The OERs with the primary school focused on re photography and urban transformation in the 19th district of Paris. The aim of using the resources was to enable the pupils to identify, characterize and name the different spaces in the neighborhood. By working on rephotography, students were able to identify and document the change induced by urban transformations.

The OERs with the secondary school focused on urban planning and the effects of metropolisation. The aim of the resource was to enable the pupils to apprehend the concept of urban planning and its interplay of actors, territorial inequalities and urban mobility. 

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