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Discover the educational materials developed by the Creative School project.

The Open Education Resources (OER)  developed by the Creative School project consist of an educational toolbox, with the following characteristics:

Cross-curricular and inter-disciplinary: Embedding creativity and critical thinking across the curriculum;

Respectful: There is a transformative learning experience when children and young people are encouraged to share their voices, opinions and personal experiences when exploring collections in an open, holistic and safe environment;

Adaptable: Each teacher should be able to work with the resource and adapt it according to the needs of the school cycle (primary, middle school or post-primary school);

Flexible: Provide flexible methods of evaluation that allow teachers to find their way around and construct their own evaluation grid;

Thinking routines and strategies: Learners should be encouraged to think speculatively, to acknowledge and build on what members of their peer group are saying, and to build confidence and competence in their own ideas and evidence building;

Electronic/Digital: OER should be in digital format; simple to use and with concise instructions; no need to download applications; quick to assimilate; using images and videos, also augmented reality and virtual reality especially in the future;

Differentiated: Allow for teachers to interpret and adapt the resources for student’s learning needs.

This is our CRAFTED objective.

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