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Discover Creative School at Europeana 2021!

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2021

As the cultural heritage sector is looking to recover, rebuild and grow in post-pandemic times, the annual Europeana conference, Europeana 2021 aimed at raising voices from across the sector addressing issues such as digital transformation and exploring the role digital cultural heritage plays in supporting a sustainable, responsible and inspiring cultural heritage sector for today and tomorrow.

In this context, Corinne Szteinsznaider, Maria Teresa Natale, and Pier Giacomo Sola from Michael Culture Association, animated an interactive workshop on "Culture Heritage supporting Creative and Critical Thinking in Education" on Wednesday 10 November 2021. Within this workshop, they presented the Creative School project and its stakes, alongside 2 other Erasmus + projects: CrowdSchool and the GLAMers. The workshop counted 60 participants!

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