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United Kingdom

Heritec provides is a small heritage education consultancy; providing services to the heritage sectors pecifically around the areas of audience development, public engagement, co-curated exhibitions, training and evaluation. Clients past and present include a range of organisations from large publicly funded bodies to local social history museums and special interest trusts, including the British Museum, the Museum of London Group, Historic Royal Palaces, National Portrait Gallery, British Library, Brent Museum and Archive, the Chester Beatty Library, Sir John Soane’s Museum, the Thames Explorer Trust and the Southbank Centre. Heritec provides organisations with the tools to help organisations develop and deliver their programmes via resource development, workshop development, event management planning, outreach, co-curated exhibitions, evaluation, training and development of staff and volunteers. Heritec provides support for research, evaluation and audience consultation projects using amongst others the Inspiring Learning for All framework and the Generic Learning.

Outcomes and other appropriate methodologies as identified by the need of the project and audience. Heritec advises institutions on how to get audiences to engage with and learn from the collections, putting object-based learning at the core of its methodology. Heritec works with all museum audiences but has specific expertise in working with families, schools and adults at risk from exclusion (i.e. underrepresented audiences). Heritec has contacts within a number of networks based in the UK such as the Group for Education in Museums, the Diversity and Heritage Group, and the Historical Association.

Contact person: Jo-Anne SUNDERLAND BOWE



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