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Finnish Museums Association (FMA) is the central organisation and information centre for museums in Finland. It was established in 1923 with a membership of 200 associates. These manage a total of 385 museums. Its task is to look out for museums´ interests as well as promote their operation and interaction. Members of the association include all professionally maintained museums in Finland. One of the main functions of FMA is to coordinate and act as a partner in national and international project that will develop museums in Finland as well as abroad.


In the past few years FMA has coordinated or partnered projects for example on lifelong learning, mentoring, adult learning in museums, audience development, media education and collection management. Other main functions include providing continuing education for museum employees to better meet the challenges of the times. FMA provides 20-30 training sessions per year both on site and online. FMA has good networks in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe (e.g. NEMO partner) and Russia.


The Finnish Museums Association is the initiator and coordinator of various projects and marketing campaigns, and it conducts different surveys and research within the museum field. The association gathers information on museums’ exhibitions each year and organises a national Museum Week. The Museums Association´s website provides a regularly updated database of publications dealing with museums and museum history. The association manages community relations by participating in national and international cooperation networks.


Contact person: Paulina KINANEN

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